Lewitt Sol   (1928 - 2007)   Artists

Born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1928, is one of the most important American artists of this century.
He studied at Syracuse University in New York and, in the same town, teaches at the Museum of Modern Art and Cooper Union School. The drawing in pencil, or preferably in ink, marks his artistic debut.
LeWitt has established itself with its Minimal Art in the sixties as a reaction to the spread of action painting of Jackson Pollock and followers. He is a master of minimalist and conceptual art and his work develops through concrete visual structures and mental structures and is characterized by a constant search that allows the artist to fit into a continuous renewal, noting his unmistakable uniqueness. The purpose of LeWitt is to show the links of the real: not the content or the meaning, but the syntax, the joints and the relationships of it.
In 1978-79, the MoMA presented the first retrospective devoted to the artist.
Sol LeWitt died in 2007. His works are in major museums around the world.

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